How much should you score in TOEFL/IELTS?

I have taken TOEFL and not IELTS but I will mention some points which I have seen on University website which I was researching for TOEFL. I scored 106/120. I will post a screenshot of my test report to give a clear split of scores. Also, my photo is super bad, I look better than this usually.


How much money did I spend on the whole application process?

So, I spent approximately USD 2000 for the whole application process. This number might be scary for a lot of people and when I add it up, I feel like I did spend a lot. But you have to consider the fact that if you land up a job in the US you minimum income will be around 3000 USD/month. This is as minimum for master's graduate as it can get.

Shortlisting Universities | MS in US

In this one, I will tell you how I shortlisted the universities I want to apply to. Shortlisting universities is an important and painstaking process. This is my personal experience of how I shortlisted universities and how you can do the same. I have divided it into points so that it is easier for you... Continue Reading →

SBI Loan Experience

I went with SBI since they were the ones giving the lowest ROI i.e. rate of interest. Now though I am writing lowest, there are chances that PnB gives even lower ROI. But I came to know that after I already took the insurance so I am not sure about that. Moreover there is JN... Continue Reading →

Important TEST Links for GRE material !

Here is compilation of a lot of links which I found online during my study. Hopefully it will help you !   1. 2. It requires registering with the website first to access the test. 3. FreePracticeTest Click on ENROL and then checkout. After registering with them the paper will be made... Continue Reading →


October 2015, First time in Russia, on a big boat and when I say big its huge. Its probably 10 times bigger than titanic. Inside you find everything from a casino, bar, 3 floors of car parking and best of all alcohol store (international waters). Awesome reaching Russia and then came the big problem. There... Continue Reading →

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