Timeline from my Application to Admission.

Hey guys, welcome to another blog. If you are reading this either you are redirected from my e-mail or my youtube video. I hope you will find this blog useful. I have tried to mention minute details which no other website will probably publish. You can also watch youtube videos I post regarding MS in the US topic. Watch them here on my Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQEkgUtOXa-1PSzg4fC_H8g

You can follow me on Instagram @parthvijayvergiya and follow me on my journey from India to the US http://instagram.com/parthvijayvergiya/ 

I wanted to write this blog so that everybody knows how I proceeded with my GRE preparation and when exactly I applied for the university. As well as, by what time I got university admits and when I got my visa. The purpose of this blog is to inform everyone, that it is never too late or never too early for anything. And sometimes things will happen when you least expect them.

July 2016 – Started my preparation and joined Jamboree Classes

  • Mid August – started preparation putting in all efforts
  • September – started taking mock tests
  • 17th October 2016 – First attempt for GRE
  • 17th November 2016 – Second attempt of GRE
  • 9th December 2016 – TOEFL IBT exam
  • End of December  – ASU, Clemson, UFL application done
  • 16 January 2017 – Swedish application completed
  • January 2017 end – UIUC application completed
  • March – Purdue University & TU Delft application completed
  • 22nd March – Got admit from ASU
  • 26 March– Got admits from KTH, Chalmers University and JU
  • 4th April – UIUC admit
  • 26th April – Purdue Admit
  • 12th May – Applied for loan
  • 20th May – Loan got sanctioned
  • 8th June – Clemson and TU Delft Admit
  • 15th June – I-20 received
  • 29th June – OFC appointment
  • 30th June – Visa Interview
  • 2nd August 2017 – Loan’s 1st instalment disbursed
  • 11th August 2017 – First trip to the U.S.

All the dates are pretty accurate. I might have missed one or two, comment down below if you need more information.

If you are already receiving emails then its good, but if you are not receiving regular updates through email for me then you can put in your email address through the link http://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/parthvijayvergiya and I will add you to the list.

I am doing live sessions every Tuesday at 9 p.m. IST. So go to my Youtube Channel and subscribe for more videos.

You can follow me on Instagram @parthvijayvergiya and follow me on my journey from India to the US http://instagram.com/parthvijayvergiya/


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