Regarding SOP and LOR Drafts

Hey guys, welcome to another blog. If you are reading this either you are redirected from my e-mail or my youtube video. I hope you will find this blog useful. I have tried to mention minute details which no other website will probably publish. You can also watch youtube videos I post regarding MS in the US topic. Watch them here on my Youtube Channel

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I am going to just post the links to drafts for a statement of purpose first. But if you have not watched my previous video regarding Statment of purpose, you should. It will help you drafting it better. Here is the link to that – Statement of Purpose which got me into Purdue!

Okay, here you go.

Watch these two videos from UC Berkley’s youtube page. It will help you


Now following links will lead you to some drafts of SOP. Remember do not copy statement of purpose from anyone. And even if the person is kind enough to share the SOP with you, it might land you in trouble if you copy. Because PLAGIARISM!


The above two are the closest to what I can think of SOP should look like. I would like you not to copy and paste but read them all and take pen and paper. You should write all the good point which you read from all the SOP’s and from the videos mentioned above and try to write your SOP combining the points which you think were catchy in the SOP.

Remember first paragraph is the most important for Statement of Purpose because that is the thing which is going to  catch the attention of the professors. They should want to read more.

I am posting some draft links for Letter of Recommendation too. I would like to put it out there that letter of recommendation has no particular format. And usually the professors do not write anything extra ordinary in that. Letter of recommendation is mainly to see how much you have interacted with your professor or in your class. They also want to see the designation of your professor. If a HOD recommends you, that will be a big thing.

LOR Draft Links –


If you are already receiving emails then its good, but if you are not receiving regular updates through email for me then you can put in your email address through the link!forum/parthvijayvergiya and I will add you to the list.

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You can follow me on Instagram @parthvijayvergiya and follow me on my journey from India to the US


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