My Study Plan & Tips for GRE, TOEFL

Hey guys, welcome to another blog. If you are reading this either you are redirected from my e-mail or my youtube video. I hope you will find this blog useful. I have tried to mention minute details which no other website will probably publish. You can also watch youtube videos I post regarding MS in the US topic. Watch them here on my Youtube Channel

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I wanted to make this video since a few people on a regular basis ask me regarding what books do I use, or how I studied during my GRE preparation.

So following are the book I used during my studies.

All these are books are specific for GRE, if you want to check out what resources I used for TOEFL IBT then you should follow this link – Link to the resources in the description

Now following points will help you in preparation.

  1. Books – Do not run to too many books, focus on the available resources. Focus on the books I have mentioned above, and if by any case you are done with all these books, then ping me. I will text you the name of more books.
  2. Wordlists – Remember the fact that there will always be fixed words in all the available word list. So if you are doing Barron’s word list or Magoosh verbal deck, it doesn’t matter. Since there will be overlapping words in all these lists. So if you have started with Magoosh deck, focus on Magoosh deck and do not rush here and there. The strategy is –
    1. Starting preparation – go for the  800/1000 list
    2. Mid of the preparation – stick to the above
    3. The exam is near – stick to the 333 words and the words you have already done, revise them over and over.
  3. – If you haven’t heard of it, go search this website on google and thank me later. You will find hints for every word. Remembering with hints is the best way to remember most of the words. Also, ping me on Instagram if you want the PDF version of these hints.
  4. Topics for Quant –  Focus on one topic every day. Try to finish it and all its questions and then move over to the another one. Also make out a plan with the topics mentioned against the date, so that you have a better idea when you will finish all the topics for GRE quant. See quant is scoreable and that is why focusing on it is good.
  5. Time of your Study –  This thing is very basic, do verbal in the morning and do quantitative in the evening. Verbal is much more difficult for all of us and it is easier to memorise words in the morning rather than the evening when you are all tired and you want to revise the things which you already have done. So, the evening is for maths.
  6. Mock Test –  If you are taking a mock test, take it on the time which resonates with the actual time you are planning to take the test. For example, my test timing was 2 p.m, so I used to sit around that time and take the mocks. This enables our mind and makes it practice that you have to be alert at this time for the next 4 hours.
  7. Rechecking your mistakes – If you are taking mock, then please please please do check the answer sheet the same day and try to write down the topics you are weak on. For example, if you are getting 4 questions wrong and 3 are of trigonometry. Then it is obvious that you will have to practice it more. I am emphasizing on taking it the same day so that you remember the time during the test you had troubles and you can double check the same during answer checking.
  8. Revising Wordlist – Revise all the words you did at the end of the day, and also on the weekend. Finding time is difficult, but you can do this during your commute.

Remember GRE is the thing which will cover up your ass if you have a low GPA, percentage or any kind of acads. GRE can jump start your career. Do not make the same mistakes again and all the best everyone for your exams.

If you are already receiving emails then its good, but if you are not receiving regular updates through email for me then you can put in your email address through the link!forum/parthvijayvergiya and I will add you to the list.

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You can follow me on Instagram @parthvijayvergiya and follow me on my journey from India to the US


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