OFC/ Biometric Experience Day 1

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OFC (Offsite Facilitation Center) Appointment is the process when US Embassy takes your fingerprints and picture. It is a very simple process and it doesn’t in anyway affect your Visa approval/rejection chances. Most of the countries usually take biometrics.

In my case, I took OFC date on 29th June 12.30 and the Visa interview at 30th June 11.30. I chose Delhi as it is the closest place from Jaipur. The one mistake I made was taking OFC timing a little early. Since I was planning on travelling bus/train, I wasn’t sure if I would make it or not. Also, I would have my laptop bag with me. So it could be a problem since they do not allow electronic items inside both OFC location and US embassy for security reasons.

OFC experience

There are 5 check points. Remember here is the three only documents you will need in OFC

  1. Passport
  2. DS 160 (sample)
  3. Appointment confirmation (sample)

The sample links I have provided is actually exactly the same. I am not providing mine due to confidential info.

And yes you do not need your i20 or your SEVIS fee thing,  I am telling you this, because I have seen people taking these document. People with big bundles of documents. I am not sure if it is clearly mentioned on the website that you will not need these docs.

1st and 2nd check point, they will confirm your DS 160 details, name, passport number, etc with your passport.

3rd checkpoint, they will check you, means security check, just a normal one nothing fancy.

4th  checkpoint, they will ask for your passport, DS160 and appointment confirmation. They will ask you to confirm your full name. And then they will put a tag on your passport back. The tag states that how it will be delivered and also has a bar code on it. I forgot to take a picture of it in how it looks, but I will try to update this blog once my passport comes back. This barcode is scanned the next day three time, I will get to that in a moment.

5th checkpoint – a lady giving counter number. This counter number will blink on the screen against the counter number. If I am not wrong there were around 10-15 counters, but I am not 100% sure. So as soon as my number blinked, I went to that counter. I kept my folder and at every counter there are Indian people sitting, so do not worry. He asked me to read a document which was stuck to the table. It stated that all the information we are providing to them are true and forfeiting them will be perjury.

After this he will take your picture, I was wearing glasses so he ask me to take them off and look into the camera. After this I put my glasses on and he asked me to put my left hand on the fingerprint scanner and then right hand and they both thumbs. And then they stamp your DS 160 and also you appointment confirmation.

This is important, remember you will have to take this DS160 and appointment confirmation page to the interview next day.

They will ask you to read the information on a notice board given outside. It is not important, it just states how to get your passport back after the VO approves/rejects your visa.

I hope it helps, I am spending a lot of time writing these blogs and making Youtube videos so that I can cover up a lot of topics which MS aspirants have problems in. You can subscribe to my youtube channel for more video updates.

Read about my VISA experience here

You can follow me on Instagram @parthvijayvergiya and follow me on my journey from India to the US http://instagram.com/parthvijayvergiya/


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