List of Documents for VISA interview!

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So this list is the document which I took for my OFC and VISA interview. There is a lot of document which can be added to this list. But for me, this list is limited to the items mentioned below.

OFC/ Biometrics day

  1. Passport
  2. DS 160
  3. Appointment confirmation

I also took my i-20 and sevis fee receipt with me but you will not need it. They will stamp your DS 160 and appointment confirmation. Read my OFC Blog here for more info on this.

VISA interview day

  1. Passport
  2. DS 160 (stamped on OFC day)
  3. Appointment confirmation (stamped on OFC day)
  4. Sevis fee receipt

Funding documents

  1. Loan sanction letter from SBI
  2. Passbook of my account
  3. Passbook of parent’s salary account
  4. Income tax return of parent
  5. PPF Certificate

Other documents

  1. GRE score sheet
  2. TOEFL score sheet
  3. University Original degree
  4. University Original transcripts
  5. Exchange university transcript
  6. Admit/rejection letters from other universities

Other than above-mentioned documents, I took one set of photocopy of all the documents just in case. I think it is very necessary to have photocopies of everything for emergency purposed. You do not need to take any picture with you but I always keep one passport size photo with me.

I hope it helps, I am spending a lot of time writing these blogs and making Youtube videos so that I can cover up a lot of topics which MS aspirants have problems in. You can subscribe to my youtube channel for more video updates.

Read about my VISA experience here

You can follow me on Instagram @parthvijayvergiya and follow me on my journey from India to the US


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