October 2015, First time in Russia, on a big boat and when I say big its huge. Its probably 10 times bigger than titanic. Inside you find everything from a casino, bar, 3 floors of car parking and best of all alcohol store (international waters).

Awesome reaching Russia and then came the big problem. There is a smudge around my mother’s name which has never created a problem but this time it did. I don’t what triggered them maybe cause I haven’t showered in 3 days or just my brown colour which I don’t even think is that big of consideration. But yes its a problem, that out of all thing they saw that there is a little smudge on my mother’s name which is considered to be problem now. So here I am standing in a Q of 20 people just standing there, thinking why oh why? But after a while it was all fine and we are on the bus.


Trust me on this, these are the best people I have ever met and I think I will ever meet. But you never life is full of surprises and you keep meeting amazing people. Sometimes when you are alone and think of all the adventures you just get chills that what you have come across is so amazing and everything in your life has taken you to that point where you just want to be there.

Here is the picture of those amazing people, partying.


I might not look crazy happy here but this is the one of the time I was happiest in my life to be around such an awesome crowd.

Moving over, we ended up in Russia and here is a couple of pictures of that too.


Yes it is that pretty, and I took the second picture on my phone completely unedited. Much pretty such wow !

There was  BAR HOPING thing going on at night and there was also a Limo ride for 15 USD or 1000 inr. Now at that moment when you have already spend so much money on the trip and stuff on the boat you just have doubts about spending some more.

When I am in India, I don’t even feel like 1000 is a big amount like seriously ! But when you have to spend it from you own pocket and everything is from your account from food to accommodation, you START WONDERING THAT DO YOU REALLY NEED IT OR NOT?



Btw here is RUSSIAN METRO COIN, seriously looks like a freaking mario coin!

Anyways so I did end up getting on that limo and here some pictures of that too!





That’s me with the champagne bottle, on road of St. Petersburg. I peed somewhere there in the corner after this picture !

PS: that mafia on the title is clickbait !


One thought on “RUSSIA, LIMO AND MAFIA!

  1. This was great, it’s always fun to here about fellow adventurers’ stories. Hit me up if you make it to the bay area, you’ll have a buddy here also to explore with! 🙂


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